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When using multiple imputations to form con?dence intervals with missing data we proposed using a t-distribution with approximate degrees-of-freedom which is a function of the number of multiple imputations and the within and between imputation variance. In this t-approximation we assume there are a ?nite number of multiple imputations
, but an in?nite number of observations in the sample. We propose a further degrees-of-freedom approximation which is a function of the within and between imputation variance, the number of multiple imputations, and the number of observations in the sample. When the number of observations in the sample is small
, our approximate degrees-of-freedom may be more appropriate, as seen in our simulations.

Statistical inference procedure which involves t-distribution requires determining the number of degrees of freedom. Why because, the t-distributions are infinite numbers. We are using this for hypothesis test or confidence interval which is determined by degrees of freedom. Statistical inference is the difference of population and independent population with deviation has different ways to calculate the degrees of freedom. Conservative approximation and Welch’s formula are the two ways to determine degrees of freedom. The exact distribution of the two-sample t statistic is not a t distribution. The distribution changes as the unknown population standard deviations change. However
, an excellent approximation is available.

Why Is It Called Conservative?

Inference made conditional on the data must, necessarily, connect a statement about the unknown parameters to the data actually observed. This fact separates conditional confidence inference from unconditional
, or pre-data, confidence inference. This statistical inference states that of the frequent, need not apply in any way propos des NMD est qu’elles sont disponibles dans u.

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